About Us

An eco-friendly beach working to promote environmental awareness of beachgoers – Israelis and tourists alike

Eco-friendly Beach

We endeavor conserve the pristine beauty of the beach. Beachgoers are provided with the means to participate in this effort:

  1. Specially constructed beach ashtrays minimize litter on the beach. Cigarette butts are the most commonly found form of beach and ocean litter. We collaborate with an Israeli non-profit on this issue.
  2. Beachgoers are encouraged to return glass bottles purchased on the beach – each person who returns a bottle receives a discount on the next purchase. This way, both recycling and cleanliness are promoted.
  3. A designated recycling area provides recycling bins for the use of beachgoers
  4. Solar energy is used to minimize other sources of heating for shower water.
  5. Sewage undergoes treatment and is then used for the watering of young trees.

The Dead Sea – A Rare Natural Resource with Distinctive Features

The Dead Sea, situated at the lowest point on Earth, is a salt lake with no outlet to the sea. The high concentration of salt provides a “weightless” experience, easily buoying the body into floating position. In addition, the healing properties of the water and of the mineral mud at the bottom are widely extolled.  

The Dead Sea comprises two basins – Northern and Southern. The Northern Basin, where Kalia Beach is located, enjoys an unaltered natural landscape, as the evaporation rate of the seawater is less accelerated than that of the Southern Basin (water is pumped into the Southern Basin to compensate for high evaporation).

A glistening lake at the center of the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea is part of the Great Rift Valley. An international border runs right through its center – the west side in the area of Israel and the Palestinian Authority (full control of Israel) and the east side in Jordan. The climate is characterized by high temperature, scant precipitation, significant evaporation rates, and naturally low levels of ultraviolet radiation (due to altitude differences).

Healing Virtues

The unique mineral content of Dead Sea water – drastically different from that of regular seawater – is harnessed for a wide range of medicinal, cosmetic and industrial needs.

International Tourism

Hailed as one of the ten natural wonders, the Dead Sea draws a steady flow of international tourism annually. Its mesmerizing beauty, the surrounding Biblical desert wilderness, and its curious location at the bottom of the Earth make for an unmatched experience. Nearby heritage sites such as Masada and Qumran (the Dead Sea Scrolls' site of origin) draw history enthusiasts and religious tourism. Its low ultraviolet radiation levels and therapeutic benefits draw sunbathers and medicinal tourism. Many people, of course, enjoy more than one dimension, and are encouraged to do so!